A brown and black snake coils around a branch.

The Anaconda

The young girl was proud and happily prepared the stiff snacks for the great chief, who was about to embark on a long trip to unknown lands beyond the forest: a fermented yuca with which he could obtain a delicious chicha wherever he was, when he needed a refreshing and reinvigorating drink, by just adding some water to it. She also put coca leaves, so when he would chew on them, he could recover the energy to keep walking energetically every time he needed, albeit his shaman had given him the ability to crawl on the ground, dig quickly in the muddy shore, and swim silently but vigorously along the black waters of the jungle streams. The shaman also gave the chief the ability to withhold against other powerful chiefs, whom he saw in his vision quest as jaguars, capibaras, tapirs, peccaries, deer, and turtles. The shaman told him that he should be attentive at all times. As a farewell token, the shaman gave him a cushma dress with scales of different colors so that the chief could walk in the forest without being seen by his enemies, making him an invisible presence around the river edge.

Warm welcome demonstrations did not cease when arriving at other tribes. The men who expected him were also haughty, free, and respectful. The great chief traveled alone. Hi demonstrated his value in his solitary forays, knowing that in case of difficulties, his tribe and countless other friendly tribes would be promptly at his side, armed and ready to fight. Even in the depths of the forest, there were preparations to welcome the great chief on his mysterious voyage.

An illustration of an indigenous man holding a stick in the Amazon rainforest.

How long will the crossing take? The chunta palm had already flourished three times. The eyes of the great chief were already full of beautiful landscapes, often captured when wearing the cushma that made him invisible to others. The jungle is so beautiful in every aspect. Its climate is mostly warm but pleasant; its huts are cozy; the rivers are wide with waters that are either clear or full of sediment; and its beaches seem to be made for love and calm dreams.

For the great chief, visiting each of the tribes was a gift for his intimate joy. People always exalted the prestige of a strong and magnificent jungle leader. His children will later grow and populate the entire territory, making the whole jungle entirely his because of the seeds of love he left in each of the hamlets. Palm trees, chunta palms, and the trees will be siblings of eternal happiness and constant renewal of new creation energies in such short intervals of his visits, new flowering of youth, of strength, and of power.

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